Robin St Martin has a diverse background, studying locally at Algonquin College and Carleton University, along with internationally at Harvard University. Robin understands the need for some level of formal education however he also understands the value of real life experience as somethings just can’t be taught in a classroom.  Robin recognizes that some things need to be lived through, both the good and the bad are needed to help form a true leader and innovator. There is not a single successful Entrepreneur alive that hasn’t suffered to some degree in order to succeed. Life will give you back, what you put in.

Robin has created and lead countless businesses and personally employed thousands of Canadians. Leading businesses at that level has given him first hand insight that can’t be taught in a classroom. It’s also taught him to be weary of advisors and advice from “academics” who have studied business but not practised it in real life. Success needs to be earned and cannot be taught. Robin’s advisory services will help you navigate those tough life lessons to come out on top to lead your own international success stories.

Robin has lead companies that have won countless awards. Robin personally has won The Top Forty Under 40, is a FOUR time winner of the Profit 100 Award for Canada’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, a THREE time winner of the Profit 500 Award for Canada’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies, along with 14 consecutive Consumer Choice Awards and many many others.

Robin has continued his education internationally at Harvard and MIT while also contributing and mentoring a wide range of businesses including  Manpower Service Based Industries, Robotics Industry, Cyber Security Industry, Drone Companies, Artificial Intelligence Companies, and the growing world of Cryptocurrency.

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