Rapid Sales Acceleration

One of our top priorities is to provide you with the necessary resources to rapidly accelerate sales. We will work with your team, utilizing our collective skillsets to achieve a sustainable, rapid acceleration of sales and overall business value.

Global Sales & Distribution

Even the smallest startups can think big. We have the experience and knowledge to help you take your business to the world stage. Thanks to our experience with global expansion and distribution, we can help you start viewing the entire planet as an exploitable market. With our strong background in cybersecurity and defense, we’ll also make sure you’re expanding globally in a safe, secure manner.

$1 Billion or Bust

Set your goals high, and there’s no telling what you might achieve. In the modern era, $1 billion is a more realistic goal than you might think. With the plethora of digital tools at your disposal, even a small startup can expand rapidly to become a global phenomenon. Our goal is to take you from the pre-income stage to a high-performing business with 9 figures in annual sales.

Our services have been described as “secret weapons for small businesses.” Take advantage of these advisory services, and you can rapidly scale up your business and pursue genuine profits. We’ll work with you during every stage of your development, whether you’re working on bringing a new idea to life or you’ve already established a business that you want to scale.

Remember, the decisions you make today will have a tremendous impact on how your business progresses. We are familiar with virtually every challenge that an entrepreneur might face in the modern era, from digital marketing to human resources. You can count on Robin St. Martin and his team of entrepreneurial experts to provide you with the guidance you need to reach for that next level of performance.

If you’re concerned about genuine results, look no further than Robin St. Martin and his advisory services. We understand the importance of achieving and surpassing specific goals, whether you’re aiming for a certain sales milestone or you need to boost your number of customers. With decades of entrepreneurial knowledge and experience with the latest technological innovations, we can help your business grow on all levels.

We offer a wide range of consultancy services, from strategic planning and risk management to data analytics support. Our specialty is cyber defense and security, but our team includes a wide range of experts who have experienced in a range of different fields, including:

Strategic planning

Financial management

HR management

Technology selection

Sales & marketing

Digital strategy

Website selection


International expansion

Operational efficiency

Get The Help You Need

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